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Hey guys - does anyone know how to change the top message? the one that begins, "would you fall in love with someone who cut off your hand?". Along with the misspelling of MWT's name (happens to me all the time), I think it was written before The King of Attolia came out. It could probably use a blurb more focused on the whole series, hopefully including A Conspiracy of Kings, rather than the one zoomed in on The Queen of Attolia. Of course, if people disagree with me, just say so. This is a democracy/idealistic anarchy, after all. ;-) Thanks, Thelasteddis 07:29, December 12, 2009 (UTC)thelasteddis

Could one of the mods fix the spelling of Megan's name? It doesn't have an "h" in it.


Reply Edit

Yes, the page is:


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