Sounis is one of the nations on the Continent, and is headed by the King of Sounis.

The Thief begins with Eugenides imprisoned in Sounis, later being released by the Magus to aid in stealing Hamiathes's Gift. Sounis, hoping to gain control of Eddis and its Queen, intended to claim his prize by the divine right of being presented Hamiathes's Gift.

The Sounisians believe in the New Gods brought by The Invaders.

Sounis is located on the same peninsula as Attolia and Eddis, and occupies the territory closest to the Continent; it is separated from its rival, Attolia, by the mountain nation of Eddis. While the military is a strong enough threat to Eddis such that it forms a treaty with Attolia to stand against it, the king of Sounis has overtaxed his barons to fund his wars against Attolia and the country has factured from civil war.

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