Sophos is the protegé of the Magus of Sounis and the nephew of the King of Sounis. Since Sounis has no children of his own, Sophos is the king's heir presumptive. His father is a duke and the illegitimate half-brother to the King of Sounis; the King's legitimate brothers all died under mysterious circumstances.

He is a supporting character in The Thief and the protagonist of A Conspiracy of Kings.

The ThiefEdit

Throughout The Thief, Sophos is portrayed as an easily embarrassed young boy whom Gen delights in teasing. He is a studious apprentice of the Magus of Sounis and accompanies Gen and the Magus, along with Pol (Polyfemus), a Sounisian soldier whom Sophos admires, and another apprentice Ambiades in order to steal Hamiathes's Gift. He becomes a good friend to Gen and the novel's denouement reveals that Sophos is the heir to Sounis. The conclusion also hints at a budding romantic relationship between himself and the Queen of Eddis.

The Queen of AttoliaEdit

During the events of The Queen of Attolia, Sounis wages war against Eddis and Attolia. The Magus has been dismissed as Sophos' tutor because of the King of Sounis' fear of the Magus's power and influence over Sophos. Meanwhile, Sophos has been sent Letnos to study under another tutor and described as unready to inherit the throne should anything happen to Sounis. The country eventually collaspes and is "consuming itself in a civil war". During this time, Sophos goes missing.

The King of AttoliaEdit

Sophos does not appear in The King of Attolia, but is mentioned several times. His fate is unknown as Sounis continues his war against Attolia. The heir to Sounis is described as missing, though his death has not been confirmed as his body has yet to be found. As such, both the King of Attolia and Queen of Eddis continue to wonder about the fate of their friend.

A Conspiracy of KingsEdit

Sophos is the protagonist of A Conspiracy of Kings and narrates most of the novel, beginning with events concurrent with The Queen of Attolia. He lives on Letnos with his mother and his two younger sisters, Ina and Eurydice.

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