Relius is the master of spies, known by the official title of "Secretary of the Archives," for the Queen of Attolia. He appears in The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia.

Relius is one of the queen's most loyal and trusted advisors, and has been the only advisor to remain as such throughout the queen's reign. Born the illegitimate son of a steward in a baron's villa, Attolia met him when he had been caught spying on her from under a wagon during the first year of her reign. She accepts his offer to teach her how to deal with her enemies, including the crafts of intrigue, manipulating men, and power, as she perceives the true nature of his capabilities. For his steadfast loyalty, Attolia rewarded him with wealth and influence. Among his many teachings, Relius warns the queen never to completely trust anyone - including himself. He and the Magus of Sounis have been opponents in the past.

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