Phresine is the senior attendant of the Queen of Attolia, appearing in The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia. She is probably one of the most mentioned of the queen of Attolia's attendants. Little is known about her history, though she mentions she was raised in Kathodicia, a remote area in northern Attolia.

As Attolia's oldest attendant, Phresine appears to be the most trusted and capable of acting with discretion, though also with dispensing tolerable criticism. Unlike most of the queen's other attendants, she is the most willing to accept Eugenides as she perceives that he is more than he appears and is well-matched with the queen. Her age, along with how long she has served the queen, is not disclosed, though it is known that she is a older woman, given when she takes the liberty of kissing the king's cheek in his sleep, she tells Costis "The liberties an old woman can take -- even with a king".

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