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Moira is the messenger to men. She records the history of the mortal world and helps the Fates weave. She appears in white, usually with a writing utensil and paper. Her mother is the goddess Periphys. A goddess of even-temperament, she does not mind doing her work, acknowledging the limitations of the Fates and humanity's own ability to record all events.

Appearences within the Books Edit

Moira has appeared to several of the characters. She has brought messages to Eugenides, Irene, and even Nahuseresh.

She also appears in the short story, Eddis, with the god of thieves, Eugenides, and Periphys, as they appear before Helen when she was still a young princess of Eddis. Because Eugenides has stolen fabric from the loom of the Fates, Moira is able to catch up on her work recording the history of the mortal world while visiting her mother. During Helen's encounter with the gods, Moira discloses that Helen's Thief is four years old, establishing that Helen is five years older than Eugenides.

Famous SayingsEdit

  • "Do Not offend The Gods."
  • "Stop whining."