The Empire of Medea is an powerful Empire, located on islands off of The Continent. Throughout The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia, and A Conspiracy of Kings, the Mede have attempted to undermine and take control of Attolia and Sounis through diplomacy, blackmail, and sabotage.

The Mede Empire is ruled by Ghaznuvidas, the emperor of the Mede. However, as the emperor suffers from an incurable disease known as Tethys tendons, he does not have long to live. As a result, the emperor's heir has all but assumed power in the Mede court and has ambitions for conquering Attolia, Sounis, and Eddis to cement his power. The court of Attolia accepts Mede ambassadors, even after forming a treaty with the neighbouring Eddis against Sounis, in order to maintain an Attolian ambassador in Medea.

The brother of the emperor's heir, Nahuseresh, is among the first notable ambassadors sent to gain control of one of the countries on the peninsula. Believing that he has entered the confidence of the queen of Attolia, Nahuseresh convinces the queen to exact a crueler punishment upon the Thief of Eddis and continues to flatter her. Attolia, in response, takes advantage of his military advice in her war against Sounis and feigns accepting his compliments; Nahuseresh is ultimately undone because he underestimates Attolia's ability to be ruthless and calculating because she is a woman. The ambassador is succeeded by Melheret in A Conspiracy of Kings.

Failing to take Attolia, an ambassador is sent to Sounis to take advantage of the civil unrest and gain control. When the new king of Sounis attempts retake his country, the ambassador Akrentenesh works to undermine the young king's attempts to gain authority and manipulates the barons of Sounis to install a regent and use Sounis as a puppet king.

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