Physical Appearance Edit

The Magus is described in The Thief as having mostly gray hair, but dark brows. Like most citizens of the Sounisian capital he has a high bridged nose, but his eyes are a very light gray instead of the more common brown.

Childhood Edit

The Magus' family died of plague when he was very young. He was apprenticed to a scholar in the city, but became a soldier soon after to support himself.

Position in the Sounisian Court Edit

The Magus is a scholar and advisor to the king. His advice is taken into account, albeit grudgingly, on most matters of state. He is also the tutor of the king's heir, Sophos, though the Magus is replaced after The Thief as the king grows increasingly fearful of the Magus's power and influence. Sophos is assigned different tutors and sent away to Letnos while the Magus is assigned incompetent apprentices in order to minimize his power.¥

Quotes Edit

  • "The only thing he can do with a sword is steal it or sell it." (pg. 222 of The Thief)
  • "All the things man has made are eventually destroyed. I wish, though, that I had gone in with you. I'll always wonder what you saw." (pg. 231 of The Thief)
  • "Gen, you viper." (pg. 261 of The Thief)
  • "I've been told that his father wanted him to be a soldier. I'd be happy to inform his father that he has a son to be proud of." (pg. 265 of The Thief)
  • "Am I plotting an elaborate revenge? No, I haven't been able to think of anything adequate." (pg. 267 of The Thief)
  • "Gen, sitting here isn't going to help anything. You can talk sense to Eddis. Maybe you aren't a Thief anymore, but you could still do something." (pg. 98 of The Queen of Attolia)