This article is about an Eddisian deity, part of the Mythology Project.

Hephestia, the Great Goddess, rules uncontested over all the lesser gods. She is the eldest of the gods to be born from the union of the Earth and and the Sky God and is embodied as the highest and oldest mountain - the Sacred Mountain of Eddis. She is the half-sister to Eugenides, the God of Thieves.

Hephestia figures into several Eddisian myths, particularly the stories of the origin of Hamiathes's Gift and how the Earth and Sky gave up their sovereignty of the world and the gods to her. It is said that after realizing the havoc that had been wrought upon the mortal world by their feud, the Earth and the Sky agreed to give up their greatest power to their eldest daughter, Hephestia, and allow her to rule the world as they retired. While the Earth surrendered her power to cause earthquakes to her daughter, the Sky kept putting off relinquishing his lightning bolts to Hephestia. Eventually, Eugenides stole the lightning bolts and hid them by his sister's throne. When the Sky went to claim them, they had fallen into the possession of Hephestia and the Sky was unable to reclaim them without reneging on his promise to her.