Helen is the Queen of Eddis. She is as brilliant and devious as the Queen of Attolia, but has the Thief of Eddis on her side as well as her trusted and equally cunning Ambassador to Attolia, Ornon.

Ascent to Power Edit

Helen was not in line for the throne as a child. Before her were her older brothers Pylaster and Lias, both of whom died of the plague, along with her younger brother Janus and father. She inherited the throne upon her father's death in her early teens. However, she elected to rule with the name Eddis, instead of the female form Eddia, after being told that she was to be "the last Eddis" by the gods Eugenides, Moira, and Periphys. Her power was cemented several years later when Gen, who was Thief of Eddis at that time, stole Hamiathes's Gift for her.

As the queen of Eddis, she has been well supported by her loyal and capable ministers, many likely being members of her extended family. Among the members of her closest relations, Helen is mentioned as having an aunt, a grand duchess, and a younger sister, who is also a duchess.

Politics Edit

The Magus of Sounis describes Helen as a brilliant monarch; in spite of her youth, she is a successful leader and gifted ruler whose many unspecified legal reforms have transformed Eddis in only seven years. They were obviously monumental, as the court of Eddis is far different from any other; it is almost completely free of corruption, with the help of Eugenides. While she is not beautiful, her charisma is famed and she is beloved by the people of Eddis.

Until the treaty was written at the end of The Queen of Attolia, Helen had bad relations with Irene, the queen of Attolia, although trade persisted until the war. After the treaty was signed, relations have been shaky but improved, improved to the point at the end of The King of Attolia to being almost friendly.


  • "Oh, it's you, Eugenides."
  • "War, then!"
  • "Eugenides, get down from the roof. The guard is getting nervous."
  • "Did you think Attolia was going to marry you and move into my library?"
  • "Stop making an ass of yourself and swallow the lethium."

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