Hamiathes's Gift is an heirloom sacred to the country of Eddis and concealed in a hidden temple in Aracthus in Attolia. The Gift was traditionally the way for rulers to officially gain power in Eddis and also to determine the Queen or King's Thief.

It was lost after the Invaders took over Sounis and Attolia, and both the monarchy and the position of Royal Thief became passed down through families.


When a king named Hamiathes saved the God of Thieves from a blazing fire, the Great Goddess Hephestia rewarded the king with an ordinary stone dipped in the Waters of Immortality. As long as the bearer wore the Gift, he would be ensured immortality. The Gift emanates a feeling when held and is physically marked with the four runes of Hephestia on one side and a blue gem in the centre.

Hamiathes, the initial recipient of the Gift, reigned as Eddis's king and the Gift freed the bearer from death. At the end of Hamiathes's natural lifespan, he passed the stone to his son and died. The Gift was subsequently passed on to successors of the crown and became synonymous with the right to rule the country. It is understood that the power of the stone is valid only if the Gift is given to the bearer; an usurper who stole the Gift died soon afterward and traditional convention began that the throne of Eddis was able to change hands peacefully in conditions where other countries would have been embroiled in civil war. The stone was hidden by a previous King of Eddis when invaders attempted to take the Gift; failing, the invaders left Eddis and focused on Attolia and Sounis.


During the events of The Thief, it is sought by the Magus of Sounis and his apprentices in order to present to the King of Sounis. To ensure success, the Magus recruits Gen, a boastful young thief from Eddis.

The intention of the Magus in presenting Hamiathes's Gift to the King of Sounis is to allow Sounis to claim sovereignty over the Queen of Eddis and her country, and force Eddis to marry him. However, the plan is thwarted when Gen steals the Gift and presents it to the Queen of Eddis, revealing himself to be Eugenides, the Thief of Eddis. Through the Queen briefly bears Hamiathes's Gift, she elects to destroy it at the end of The Thief, believing that its purpose in the world has become detrimental, by dropping it into the Sacred Mountain, a volcano in Eddis.

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