Ephrata is a small, strategically unimportant town in Attolia, governed by Baron Efkis. It is located on the coast of Attolia.

It is notable for the Megaron, where the queen of Attolia relocates her court during during the war between Attolia, Sounis, and Eddis, away from the capital and the presence of the Mede Ambassador Nahuseresh. After learning that Attolia has isolated herself in Ephrata, Eugenides devises an extensive plan with the Eddisian army to steal her away from the Attolia forces and marry her to secure peace between Eddis and Attolia.

When Mede interference threatens Eugenides's plans to marry the queen, the queen elects to side with the Eddisian army and accepts Eugenides's proposal when she is returned to the Attolian forces. Eugenides is briefly imprisoned at Ephrata, along with a number of Eddisian prisoners including his father, Eddis's minister of war, until the Mede forces are driven back to the coast.

As part of the negotiations for a peace treaty for Eddis and Attolia, Attolia cedes Ephrata, and its access to the sea as a port town, to Eddis.

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