Elisa is the site of new coronations of the Kings of Sounis, notable for its theatre as well as its sacred truce that hovers over it, or as Sophos puts it, barons with their armies just outside of the zone should anything happen.

Ambox content This article contains Spoilers from the book, A Conspiracy of Kings

In A Conspiracy of Kings Edit

Sophos, after spending days in the Mede Ambassador's "imprisoned luxury" , the group departed to Elisa in order for the new King to be officially promoted to the throne.

In the novel, Sophos realizes that he will not win the vote of confidence without first proving he is an aggressive and strong leader as his uncle before him.

He uses a pistol given to him as a gift under a secret compartment, with an inscription that reads "I make the king.". He uses this to shoot the Mede Ambassador, disturbing the sacred truce and igniting an uproar when Mede troops larger than expected prepare to attack.

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