Eddis is a small, mountainous country, located between Attolia and Sounis. It is the homeland of Eugenides. The country's name is pronounced, "Eeddis" by its inhabitants, and "Eddis" by both Attolians and Sounisians.

Official Colors Edit

The throne room of Eddis is decorated in red, black, and gold, prompting most fans to view these as the official colors of Eddis.


Eddis's mountainous terrain lends itself to both mining and logging. The mines are for both silver and iron, which are shipped to Sounis and Attolia as well as the greater powers of the continent. The most common use for the iron is ingots, used by the greater powers. Eddis has devolped artisian skills surperior to its neighbors, therefore Eddisian linens and textiles are in high demand. Eddis makes cannons and other weapons during war times.

Economy and Trade Edit

The economy of Eddis is based almost entirely on trade. Its terrain is not fit for farming, therefore its people trade with the richer countries of Sounis and Attolia for grain, olives, wine, and other supplies. Eddis controls the pass through the Eddisian mountains, so they also receive a tax on trade between the countries. Eddis is particularly famous for its linen and textiles, which are considered luxury goods.


Eddis' terrain is mountainous with rivers and valleys.

Rule and Hamiathes' Gift Edit

The rule of Eddis is passed from king (or queen) to eldest son or daughter. This was not always so. Before the time of the invaders, Eddis posessed a stone that was said to have magicial powers: the person who held the stone was unable to die. This stone, known as Hamiathes' Gift after the king who was first given the stone, was passed from each king to his chosen heir. In this way, Eddis was able to sustain peace after each ruler's death. During a time of chaos, the stone was hidden in an underwater temple in the Dystopia, until unearthed by Eugenides, the Thief of Eddis. Hamiathes' Gift was destroyed by Helen, the current queen of Eddis, after she was visited by Moira.


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