Dite, known also as Erondites the Younger, is the heir of the House of Erondites and the eldest son of Baron Erondites. He appears in The King of Attolia and is briefly mentioned to in The Queen of Attolia and A Conspiracy of Kings.

He and his younger brother Sejanus pretend to hate each other so that Sejanus will stay in the good graces of their father. Unlike Sejanus, Dite is seen as less capable and interested in power or intrigues of his father's schemes, putting them odds. Because Dite has opposed his father, Baron Erondites does not support him financially and Dite has relied on the queen of Attolia's charity. Dite also has a sister, who was formally disinherited by his father, along with any children she has, for marrying someone Baron Erondites did not approve of.

Dite is in love with the queen of Attolia; ironically, she is the only person in the country unaware of his love for her, though she looks upon him favourably. In The Queen of Attolia, he is alluded to as "Erondites the younger," the son of Baron Erondites who has loyally supported the queen for years, even against his own father, though Eugenides comments Erondites the younger lacks originality. Because Dite also loves Attolia, Eugenides admits to being jealous of him. In A Conspiracy of Kings, at some point in the past before Eugenides married the queen, he had witnessed Dite attempting to propose to the queen. Attolia misinterpreted the proposal and believed that Dite was talking about a poem; though the Thief found the episode amusing at first, he became jealous and realized that he loved Attolia.

At the beginning of The King of Attolia, Dite writes a song titled "The King's Wedding Night" to mock the new king of Attolia, which members of the Guard enjoy, but puts him at odds with Eugenides. The king eventually arranges a private meeting with Dite, where their differences are resolved and Dite gains a new respect for the king. Eugenides describes Dite as likely the only member of the court he actually likes, though he still exiles Dite in order to destroy the house of Erondites for the queen. As a parting gesture, the king provides Dite with silver and a letter of introduction to the Duke of Ferria to become the music master of the Duke's court. Dite, who despised the corruption in Attolia's court and the intrigues of his father and had remained only out of his love for the queen, gratefully accepts and thanks the king for allowing him to fulfill his dream.

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