Costis Ormentiedes is a young guard who is reluctantly forced into becoming a lieutenant of the King's Guard in The King of Attolia . Naive and contemptuous of Eugenides, the newly crowned King of Attolia, Costis finds himself trapped in more difficulties than he expects as the king's personal guard.


Costis comes from Ortia, in the Gede Valley above Pomea in Attolia, where he lived with his father and younger sister, Thalia. In return for service as a soldier, he hopes for land. His family has held a small farm for a long time and grows olives and corn. His father, as the younger son in his family, had quarreled with a cousin, the head of the family, and moved out of the main house after losing an argument whether a dam would hold through spring floods. Though their house had been small, Costis had been happy to be away from his cousins and appreciated the privacy of his small home.

Early in his service, Costis performed well at the Battle of Thegmis, which resulted in his promotion to squad leader and a good opinion from Teleus. He is friends with Aris (Aristogiton), another young soldier. Costis's patron god is Miras, the god of light and arrows.

The King of AttoliaEdit

The majority of The King of Attolia is told from the third person perspective of Costis, a squad leader in the Queen's Guard under Teleus. When he accidently strikes the king, he is nearly executed along with Teleus by orders of the queen, though Costis is spared by Eugenides and recruited to become the king's personal guard.

Thick as Thieves [warning: spoilers] Edit

Costis is sent by the king of Attolia to steal Kamet, the slave-secretary of Nahuseresh, one of the most important people in the Mede Empire. He is known only as 'The Attolian' for most of the book until the end. Costis demonstrates an immense skill in sword fighting, as he is able to fend off multiple of the Mede Empire's most highly trained assassin-guard-soldiers, and responds to Kamet's questioning by stating that he practiced with his king a lot, one of the first clues as to who is really is. At the end of the story Costis is shown to be off adventuring with Kamet, having become friends over the course of the book.

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