Attolia is the most coastal of the three countries of the Queen's Thief series, laying east of the mountain country of Eddis. It is ruled by Attolia Irene and Eugenides, the former Thief of Eddis. It is infered that Attolia is a feudal society due to the presence of "Barons", the social classes of Okloi (those who do not own land) and Patronoi (land owners), and the reference that taxes are payed by the patronoi to barons.

Trade Edit

Attolia has some of the most fertile land in the three countries. Its best farmland is at the mouth of the Aracthus River, where minerals from the dystopia have been carried down from the mountains of Eddis. Attolia trades in wheat, olives, and wine, along with other agricultural products, with both Eddis and Sounis. All trade to Sounis needs to move through the Pass of Eddis.


Attolia is deadlocked in a war with Sounis, which is fought throughout the islands between the two nations due to the land-separation provided by the mountain country of Eddis. An example of this war was the Battle of Thegmis. For many years, the queen has ruled alone through ruthless tactics and a series of checks and balances in order to centralize the powers of the throne and limit her barons. However, very few barons truly support the queen and the country is unstable. She invites the Mede into Attolia for a possible alliance, simultaneously threatening both Eddis and Sounis. The Mede interfere with Queen's chain of command in the war in order to undermine her power, flouts diplomatic protocol by deploying Mede troops without the queen's request, and executes several of the queen's few loyal barons.

To remove the Mede, the queen agrees to a treaty with Eddis, cemented by the marriage betweeen the queen and Eugenides, the Thief of Eddis, as the foundation of an alliance against the Mede Empire. While the new king is not well-received by the barons, who perceive him to be a foreigner who has taken the queen's sovereignty over Attolia, his status as outsider is advantageous to the queen. His neutral standpoint to the politics of Attolia prevent the barons from contesting amongst themselves for the queen's power and unite against greater threats - the Mede Empire.

Landmarks Edit

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